8th Weekend Of The Summer Gardening Season

Gardening by the Moon Weekend To-Do

An idea as old as agriculture, based both folklore and superstition but there are scientific ideas to back it up.

  • Lunar Phase:   New Moon, Sunday, July 2
    • Saturday-Sunday: Moon in the sign of  Cancer - Prune, water, fertilize and compost
      • Blackberry and raspberry vines are pruned now if the crop has been harvested. They're pruned off at the ground, as these canes will never produce again. The next crop of berries will come from the new shoots at the base of the plant.

Later in the Week

  • Tuesday/Wednesday: Moon in the sign of Virgo - Plant flowering vines
    • Honeysuckle is great flowering vine for the summer. Its long tubular flowers are a magnet for hummingbirds.  Once established Honeysuckle is drought tolerant.
Other Things To-do
  • Feed poinsettia plant(s) now with Fish Emulsion or any other organic liquid, plant food. They should be fed monthly until September. Also, before fertilizing 1) water the plants and 2) prune or pinch back up to 15% of the new growth to keep the plant(s) compact. In October, we start the short day treatment to get the plant(s) to bloom in time for the holidays.
  • With warm weather, are sure to replenish your bird bath often as many birds especially hummingbirds enjoy the water on warm days. Not only do they drink it but they splash in it to cool themselves down.