3th Weekend Of The Summer Gardening Season

Gardening by the Moon Weekend To-Do

An idea as old as agriculture, based both folklore and superstition but there are scientific ideas to back it up.

  • Lunar Phase: Father’s Day, Sunday, June 19: Monday, June  20, Summer Solstice and the beginning of the 4th Quarter
  • Saturday-Sunday: Moon in the sign of Aquarius and Pisces - Plant for root growth
    • Radishes and beets are quick-growing crops for the summer months. They are ideal for long narrow planters or in the open ground. The soil should be pre-moisten before you sow.

Later in the Week

  • Tuesday-Wednesday: Moon in the sign of Aries - Harvest, weed, and control pests
  •  A pair of garden scissors Is the perfect tool for harvesting fruits and vegetables such as peppers, beans, strawberries, and others
  •  Thursday-Friday: Moon in the sign of  Taurus - Fertilize and prune to shape
    • Water the day before or at least four hours before, applying any dry fertilizer, and then follow-up with a second application of water immediately afterward. Also, hold off feeding when the temperatures are over ninety degrees. 
Other Things To-do
  • June is the last month to fertilize turf until after Labor Day. Fertilizing during July and August is discouraged as fungus problems can develop from the lush growth
  • And finally, to prevent water from rolling around and out the side of containerized plants, apply a wetting agent such as E-Z Wet.  E-Z Wet breaks the surface tension allowing water to penetrate the root ball of established plants.