4th Weekend Of The Winter Gardening Season

Gardening by the Moon Weekend To-Do

An idea as old as agriculture, based both folklore and superstition but there are scientific ideas to back it up.

  • Lunar Phase: 4th Quarter begins on Tuesday, January 25
  •  Saturday-Sunday: Moon in the sign of Libra - Plant for root growth, 
    • Blueberries are available now and make an excellent companion plant to Azaleas, Camellias, Hosta, and others in shady areas. 6 to 12 Blueberry plants should yield 3 to 6 quarts of berries per year.   Two plants per person would average three to four quarts of berries per season.

Later in the Week

  • Tuesday-Friday: Moon in the sign of Scorpio/Sagittarius - Prune, water, plant fruit trees, roses, weed, and control pests.  
  • Now is a great time to select fruit trees but picking a size best suited for your yard is a big consideration. 'Dwarf' fruit trees come in many different sizes. Here are the typical heights: Semi-Dwarf 12 to 18', Dwarf 10' to 15', Ultra Dwarf 8' to 10', and Genetic Dwarf 6' to 8'.
  • Copper Fungicide is an organic control for Peach Leaf Curl and other diseases on fruit trees and roses after pruning.
Other Things To-do
  • This is a good weekend to visit your favorite garden center and browse the seed rack. January is an excellent month to sow vegetable and flower seeds into flats for planting later in the spring. 
  • 0-10-10 is the recommended fertilizer to feed Bearded Iris during the winter months to encourage and improve flowering with established clumps. 
  •  Wine and table grape vines provide excellent cover for arbors and other structures and are now available. In addition, grapevines can't beat for fall color,