1st Weekend Of The Summer Gardening Season

Gardening by the Moon Weekend To-Do

An idea as old as agriculture, based both folklore and superstition but there are scientific ideas to back it up.

  • Lunar Phase: New Moom, Monday, June 3
  • Saturday-Sunday: Moon in the sign of Gemini- Harvest, weed, cultivate and control pests
    • You prevent Sowbugs from attacking watermelons, pumpkins, and other melons by raising them off the ground with a layer of straw.
    • Horticultural Oil spray is an environmentally friendly pesticide for Whiteflies and Mildew on tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, and other veggies.

Later in the Week

  • Tuesday/Thursday: Moon in the sign of Cancer - Plant seasonal color
    • Lobelia, Ageratum and Alyssum can be combined with Parsley, and Basil in containers for some very colorful herb gardens.
Other Things To-do
  • Your roses should be finished with their first set of blooms now, so it's time to prune them back. Be sure to select an outside bud and cut close to a leaf bud on a 30 to 45-degree angle. If you leave excess stem tissue, it will die back and turn black.
  • And finally,.French and English Lavender is pruned after they have finished flowering. You remove the spent flowers leaving enough foliage to cover the open center of the plant.